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Professional Tree Services

Qualified, Insured and Experienced Tree Surgeon

We’re all your tree needs

We at Arbscape carry out a full range of arboricultural and tree surgery tasks.

As a West Lothian company we pride ourselves on delivering customer care to our local community and endeavor to resolve your tree care concerns.

With over 25 years experience, machinery to maximize productivity, qualifications and experienced staff, we are able to undertake the job safely and correctly.

All qualifications and insurance can be viewed on request.

• Felling, Pruning, Trimming, Tree Stump Removal and More

• NPTC & LANTRA Qualified Chainsaw Operative

• Member of the International Society of Arboriculture

• International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborist


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Tree Felling

When the tree can be felled from the ground. This is only done when space is available but can sometimes be a safer option.

Aerial Sectional Felling

The art of felling a tree in sections within confined spaces using various rigging techniques to remove the sections under constant control.

Crown Reduction

Reducing the overall size of the canopy of the tree to make it a smaller version of itself. Pruning cuts are critical during this operation to minimise the damage to the tree and promote a healthy recovered canopy.

Crown Thinning

Removal of selected branches through-out the canopy, to allow more light or wind to pass through the tree.

Crown Cleaning / Dead Wooding

The removal of damaged or dead branches through-out the canopy, this task is incredibly important if your tree has targets below e.g. shed, greenhouse, where a dead or damaged limb could fall causing damage to property or persons.

Stump Grinding

Once a tree is felled the stump can be removed by specialised machinery, this can allow the area to become more usable.

Hedge Reduction / Trimming

Maintaining hedge height through trimming or reducing the height of overgrown hedges to a more manageable height. Hedge species have different growth patterns and reactions to pruning, so care must be taken when deciding how, when and where to prune.

Hedge cutting can only be undertaken if no nesting birds are being disturbed, otherwise you are in breach of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. Hedge cutting is usually avoided during March to August, but nesting season can extend outside this period.

A thorough inspection is given prior to any work on a hedge.

Conservation Areas and TPO (Tree Preservation Orders)

Any work carried out would only be done if the tree carries no protection orders or the work has prior approval from the local authority that governs said area.

Be very wary of contractors that discard this aspect of tree care, it is a criminal offence to remove a protected tree. It could leave you, the owner of the tree, with a hefty fine.

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